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The Mission:

Creating transparency in the social media community by sparking conversation around mental health and how we spend our time online

Please share any advice, anecdotes, or stories for our community - we want you to start the conversation…


The Reason:


DYLM came from a personal reaction to the intense immersion of social media in my day to day life…

I, Alex - the millennial behind the screen, attended college at the apex of Instagram and Snapchat’s popularity. It was difficult to remain confident, often second guessing every bit of information I wanted to share. I started measuring my perspective, my looks, my interests and my worth based on “likes” - the new social currency.

As much as I tried to make light of my feelings I could not shake the intense isolation and need for self-validation that unintentionally came with these apps. I felt ashamed and terribly alone, glued to an outlet that was supposed to connect me to people but would only commodify our interactions.

I chose to claim ownership of my emotions by approaching social media’s effect on millennial mental health as the inspiration for my graduating design thesis. I still wrestle with these thoughts every day but I decided I shouldn’t continue quietly. The positive response to my collection from my peers was a breakthrough. We started to talk - sharing our true experiences with social media beyond the manicured vacation photos online. I felt this exchange shouldn’t be limited to a moment, I wanted to create a place for this conversation to grow, to live and to be shared beyond my sphere.

So… I am extending the conversation through this collection to you! Social media is not all great, but its not all bad. We have the ability to connect to people around the world in the most beautiful ways.

Let’s help each other navigate the digital void from this safe space.

Let’s use social media to empower one another.

Lookbook Shot by Hannah Meader

Product Shots by Ian Evan Lam